The process

Human Capital Protection Program™

We exist to help our clients maximize and protect their human capital.

At the Essential Benefits Group we have independently developed a one of a kind financial planning process which we are very proud to call the Human Capital Protection Program™.

This unique and proven system is a leading edge and visionary approach to providing financial planning solutions in the most creative manner. Essentially the Human Capital Protection Program™ is a comprehensive planning tool that we use to design and put in place protective shield like armor between you the client, against anything that could potentially could engage an attack against your human capital, (your earning power). We have adopted a strong defensive role when it comes to our clients financial well-being, and that by shielding your most important capital, we believe that we have the best system to manage our client’s expectations, and also making sure that all bad things that can happen to our clients and their capital do not happen!

The HCPP™ process ultimately recognizes that the appropriate use of insurance is a vital part of a well­ integrated financial management plan. We can offer the HCPP™ planning tool to both our business and individual clients.

At the EBG, we provide the most advanced product solutions and expert advice allowing you to create and build your wealth. Accumulate, Protect, and Preserve are the key main components of your complete financial plan that we will help deliver to you through our HCPP™ process. Insurance provides financial risk management. It comes in various forms but at it’s core is used to mitigate the financial risk associated with an unfortunate event.  Life, Disability, Critical Illness insurance are just some of the risk management solutions that may form part of a solid protective shield.

The process steps

  1. Understand the client’s situation
  2. Clarify goals and objectives
  3. Identify any particular barriers or unique circumstances
  4. Make written recommendations with clear alternatives
  5. Design and Implement the Human Capital Shield
  6. Review the plan at regular intervals

The comprehensive “Financial Planning Shield”