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Employee Benefits & Group Benefits

At The Essential Benefits Group, we know all about employee benefits. We by and large assist profitable entrepreneurial businesses with 1 to 300 employees. In conjunction with you and your professional advisors, we work to address your current and ongoing employee benefit needs. In similar fashion to larger businesses, we analyze your organizational requirements in order to ensure you gain complete control over your employee benefits costs. We accomplish this by securing insurance protection against specific types of risk, and provide effective administration of claims at a low cost and at a low fee structure. Generally, large Canadian companies are already realizing these requirements. One must ask about group & health benefits, why aren’t you?

Group Health – Count On Us For Great Health Benefits

Since 1999, our firm has taken pride with our unique entrepreneurial approach in working with our clients at getting the best employee benefits possible. When you reach out to us, we will be there for you every step of the way. In addition, when you choose to work with The Essential Benefits Group for your group benefit needs, you are dealing with a motivated and highly trained team who are also friendly, fun and truly easy to deal with.

Employee Benefits & Health Benefits

Group Benefits – Can Employee Benefits Be Creative?

We certainly believe so. Notably, health benefit packages can also be customized, innovative and flexible to your needs! At The Essential Benefits Group, we take an added value approach to this necessary component of our services to you. We simply act as your Group Benefits Department and this translates to you saving on added administration costs and thus allows your organization to rightly focus on your core business. We will customize administration services and employee benefit plans that meet your needs in a simple and single solution.

Your organization will receive monthly financial reporting, detailed but simplified plan administration, total peace of mind with the right plan design and the right insurance protection. Most importantly, no financial surprises with our group benefits.